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Welcome to your CTSS Certification Exam

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1. What conditions are required to enable transmit and receive on a Compact ENB?
2. What is the minimum transmit power of a Compact 1000?
3. Where is the IP address that the WAN interface of the UE 7000 originating?
4. What is PCAP firmware for UE 7000?
5. What are the power specifications of the Compact 1000?
6. What is the recommended antenna Beamwidth in split-2x2 configuration?
7. What is the default bearer?
8. Where is the UE data rate assigned?
9. What is non line of sight?
10. Name the ways that firmware can be updated in BreezeWAY EPC?
11. Name the operating system that Breezeview runs on?
12. What is the minimum recommended hard drive size in BreezeVIEW for a small network?
13. Which of these statements is true?
14. When configuring a BreezeWAY 1010 rpl EPC Interface connecting to 2 Compact 1000’s on site, what is the minimum IP subnet mask that can be used?
15. When creating a channel plan for Compact 1000 ENB’s, how much guard band is needed between channels?
16. How many BreezeWAY 2020’s can fit in 1 19” rack space?
17. When managing a BreezeWAY 2020 via command line, what is the command to reboot the unit?
18. When installing 4 antennas on a site using 2 Compact 3000 in split-mode-2x2, what is the azimuth difference required between the antennas?
19. What is the logical name for the EPC interface that is facing the Internet?
20. When configuring VPWS services on a UE, where is the VPWS vlan assignment configured?

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