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Fast and easy installation

The Dual Mode CPE7000 Series consists of flexible, multi-platform CPE units, designed to deliver extended coverage and high data throughput for virtually any deployment scenario.

The CPE7000 Indoor units are designed for easy plug-and-play installation, supporting either WiMAX or TD-LTE platforms to deliver high-speed connectivity to homes and businesses that are in closer proximity to the base station.

LTE indoor UE

The CPE7000 Main Capabilities

  • Fastest and easiest plug-and-play installation
  • Dual Mode WiMAX/LTE solution enabling transition from WiMAX to TD-LTE
  • TD-LTE – 3GPP Release 9, UE Category 4
  • Two Data ports, One VoIP port
  • Internal Antenna 5dBi
  • Integral WiFi AP 802.11 b, g, n
  • Device management –Web and TR69

The right choice for now and for the future

The advanced Dual Mode WiMAX/LTE indoor solution enables a seamless transition from WiMAX to TD-LTE, protecting your current deployment investment. The high throughput and transmit power of the CPEs combine with a small tower footprint and high capacity of the BreezeCOMPACT, reducing the density of base stations required in a network layout, enabling a faster, more affordable deployment strategy. This unit is ideal for customers who are located closer to the base station. The indoor unit plug-and-play install does not require operators to send out an installation team/truck and helps save time and money.

CPE-View – CPE Management Module

To support Telrad’s LTE CPE portfolio, Telrad provides the CPE-View mode – part of the BreezeVIEW network management system. The TR69-based ACS server adds CPE management directly into the existing BreezeVIEW network management, which already controls other Telrad products, including BreezeCOMPACT, BreezeWAY EPC, and all Telrad CPE models. The CPE-View provides simple to use, zero touch provisioning and better visibility of the end user devices using highly integrated data collection from all network elements as part of Telrad end-to-end solution. With CPE-View, the operator can track CPE performance measurements (UE KPIs) in a single push of a button right on the BreezeVIEW system.

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