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AeroMACS – Broadband for Aviation

A unique, specialized broadband standard for the Aviation Industry

A unique collaboration between the aviation community, WiMAX Forum and key players in the wireless industry has fostered the development of a standard to be used worldwide by airports and the aviation industry for surface/ground communications. AeroMACS (Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications System), standardizes these communications networks to adhere to particular parameters, and has defined a certification process to ensure that the equipment meets safety and regulatory requirements. This wireless technology will be used for airport ground applications as well as for safety, surveillance and traffic control.

Telrad is proud to have the first-ever AeroMACS certified product. Our AeroMACS solutions offers high throughput, high-level authentication and encryption algorithms, low delay times, and can be customized for higher upload configuration, supporting upload-centric applications such as surveillance. AeroMACS operates in the protected aviation spectrum band from 5091 MHz to 5150 MHz.

Major strengths of AeroMACS are the flexibility, reliability, and scalability. It presents a significantly lower cost and less disruptive alternative to the cable loop technology used previously and has the capacity to support a wide range of air traffic applications providing connectivity for fixed and mobile assets across the airport area.

Telrad Benefits

  • First company to receive AeroMACS certification
  • WiMAX Forum board member since 2002 – major contributor to WiMAX standard and AeroMACS certification specifications
  • Offering AeroMACS optimized ASN-GW solutions
    • Based on Open WiMAX Profile C
    • Comprehensive WiMAX security support (TLS, TTLS)
    • Interoperability with AAA over open R3 interface
  • Build on Telrad flagship BreezeCOMPACT software-defined-radio (SDR) base station
    • 4×4 radio – for optimal WiMAX performance
    • Small all-outdoor, IP-67 packaging
  • Supporting IP and Eth CS including mobility
  • AeroMACS CPE for Outdoor and Vehicular solutions
  • Remote management via TR69
  • Full NMS suit including fault, configuration, performance and inventory management for all WIMAX components (BS, ASN GW, CPE)
  • Largest WiMAX R&D and Customer Support organization in industry today

Telrad Field Experience & Expertise

  • Mature WiMAX solution
  • 10 years field deployments
  • Over 30K WiMAX Base Stations deployed
  • Over 5000 ASN GWs deployed
  • Over 1 Million WiMAX CPEs connected
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